Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It came and went with little or no fan fare. March 31, is what I refer to. Not many remembered yesterday, in fact most of us went about our day in our normal manner. Did you stop and think about it at all? Did you stop and pray yesterday? Probably like me you forgot, and that is to our shame, yours and mine. Yesterday was the third anniversary of the murder of Terry Schiavo. Murder? Yes, and those who advocated and ultimately decided to allow her to die when all she needed was food, they are the murderers. But in our country you can murder someone as long as you have a white robe with "Dr." on it, or a black robe and a gavel, or a good publicist.

I know personally it was murder as I have spoken with Terry's lawyer. She was there when they pulled the feeding tube out of her. She told Terry that if she could only say she wanted to live that this would not happen, and interestingly enough she told me at that point moment Terry screamed, as if she was trying to say "I want to live",which of course is exactly what she was saying. Her attorney told me she testified in court on Terry's behalf and told that exact story, to no avail. The lawyer was there as Terry died of starvation and said it was not what her husband said. It was not this quiet peaceful time, but rather more like what you would have seen at Auschwitz!

Yesterday I am sure was a hard day for those who love Terry. For the rest of us it came and went. Maybe today will be a little different!

blog you later,
pastor tom