Thursday, April 17, 2008


In a new level of disgrace, I give you the following from the wires, concerning Time Magazine;

"The cover of the April 21 issue of Time took the famous Iwo Jima photograph by Joe Rosenthal of the Marines raising the American flag and replaced the flag with a tree. The cover story by Bryan Walsh calls green “the new red, white and blue.”

Walsh writes the typical uninformed, biased, propaganda pushing, kool-aid drinking story about global warming, only this time he and Time sink to a new low. To compare global warming to any war is ridiculous at best. But add to that the cover of theIr magazine taking one of the most infamous images in our nations history and staining it with this absurd comparison to global warming, is obscene. As you would expect those who have served our country are outraged. Here is a sampling;

Donald Mates, an Iwo Jima veteran, told the Business & Media Institute on April 17 that using that photograph for that cause was a “disgrace.” “It’s an absolute disgrace,” Mates said. “Whoever did it is going to hell. That’s a mortal sin. God forbid he runs into a Marine that was an Iwo Jima survivor.

Lt. John Keith Wells, the leader of the platoon that raised the flags on Mt. Suribachi and co-author of “Give Me Fifty Marines Not Afraid to Die: Iwo Jima” wasn’t impressed with Time’s efforts.

“That global warming is the biggest joke I’ve ever known,” Wells told the Business & Media Institute. “[W]e’ll stick a dadgum tree up somebody’s rear if they want that and think that’s going to cure something.”

Time should be ashamed and owes these fine men and women an apology. It is one thing to hold a position on something, it is quite another to desecrate a great moment in a nations history to advocate that position. Let us watch and see if Time has the class and decency to do the right thing!

blog you later,
pastor tom