Monday, April 28, 2008


Miley Cyrus is an incredibly huge star at the age of only 15. Tickets to her concerts are some of the most difficult to obtain, regardless of who you are and who you know. Apparently this huge star has made a huge mistake in agreeing to sit for a photo shoot for an article in Vanity Fair. The pictures reportedly show her in semi-nude positions, which she now is publicly apologizing for. What is amazing in this situation is that her parents, again reportedly, were on the set of the shoot for the whole day and were in agreement with the pictures. Whether this is accurate or not, the magazine will hit the stands next week.

Cyrus has been very vocal in maintaining that her faith in the Lord is what gives her strength and direction, and while her publicists seek to put the best face on this, one can only feel for her. As a 15 year old mega star she is pushed and pulled in a million difference directions and this is where her parents need play their part. It is very often a tragedy in the making with these child stars as time and again they grow up to become adults who cannot handle life.

Will Hannah Montana become another footnote in the common story of child stars gone bad? Or will this story be different? Much of the answer will depend on how genuine her faith in Christ truly is, and how wise her parents are in what they allow for her in the next few years. One thing is sure, they all could use your prayers!

blog you later,
pastor tom