Tuesday, April 22, 2008


In an amazing turn of events, U.S. Postal worker Lisa Harrell, 42, became a hero while delivering the mail. As she walked upon a building she noticed a baby in the window. The next thing she knew the one year old had fallen out of the window and into her arms. She caught the baby, saving it from a sure death. Lisa is a hero for sure, but what interests me today is the statement made by Albany Postmaster David Yann;

"It wasn't her normal time to be there. The stars were aligned for that baby today."

The Word of God tells us in the book of Romans that the wrath of God is released because of a people who though they lived in the midst of a creation that screams God, though they know that is God, they do not worship Him as God. This statement is a clear picture of what that passage of Scripture looks like. A baby falls out of a window and a woman "happens" to be there to catch that baby, saving its life, and the reaction from the postmaster is to give praise to the stars being aligned, instead of the God who made those stars. People do this every day, as they worship the creation instead of the Creator. The problem is that for many of us we have become numb to this kind of talk and thus we allow it to go on in our presence, without a correction. Let us all committ to listening better for those opportunities to inject bibiical truth into a conversation about events such as this one.

By the way the woman who caught the baby did much better in her description of the event;
"A hero? No. I was in the right place at the right time," Harrell told the Times Union. "God was there for me and the baby."

blog you later,
pastor tom