Thursday, April 03, 2008


Our country is known for having a pretty cushy prison system. Compared to much of the world, those in our jails have it made. But a story out today is taking it to another level. It seems as if two prisoners, Joseph Miller and Hurie Purdiman have filed a lawsuit against a Wyoming State prison. The lawsuit has been joined by none other then the ACLU. What unfair treatment are these prisoners alleging to have received? Having their prayers as Muslims interrupted by meal times! That is correct, these two who are practicing Muslims who do not like the fact that the jail would want to feed them when they are having their prayer time. What is ludicrous is the fact that this could be seen as a legitimate lawsuit by any court in the land. Evidencing how lawsuit crazed our society has become.

The other story here is once again the progress of Islam. We have heard of taxi cab companies changing policy for Islam, grocery stores, colleges and now prisons. Problem being these are all institutions in our own country. If we are down to the prisons having to accomodate Islam, all bets are off every where else. What happened to the old fashoined idea of being sent to jail as a punishment? Jail being a place where your rights are limited to being fed, housed and clothed, period. And you do not get to make your own schedule, as that used to be something that was for people who obeyed the law.

But once again we see people bowing towards Mecca both literally and figuratively. It is the perfect storm, a liberal prison system led by fearful people, coupled with radical islamist prisoners who are afraid of no one. The result is an institution turned on its head, in the name of tolerance and accomodation, making the idea of the inmates running the asylum more than just an old saying. And not nearly as funny!

blog you later,
pastor tom