Monday, April 14, 2008


The era of Big Brother is growing from the other side of the pond. In Sydney Australia they are actually, via computer chip, keeping track of whether people are keeping pace with recycling. From the wires:

"Tucked away under the rim of wheelie bins found in two Sydney councils are small radio frequency tracking devices collecting information on a household's waste habits. Randwick Mayor Bruce Notley-Smith told The World Today they are the way of the future."We will be able to find out the weights of the various bins and collect the data, the entire amount, as opposed to the quantity that is recyclable," he said."

It will not be long before everything we are doing, or not doing will be duly noted by those around us There is something daunting to the possibility of those in government, those with authority over us, having knowledge of the details of our lives, even down to how we get rid of our garbage. The reality is that this is always the way it is, and has been, and will be with God. That should be more striking, more concerning, more reason for praise people today. For those who do not know Christ as their Savior it ought to be a reason for concern. The Lord knows everything you did this past weekend, from your thoughts to your actions. In fact He is aware of that from the beginning of your life on this earth. That should cause you to be very concerned, as the verdict on all of that activity is; sinner deserving of Hell!

For those who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior this same knowledge is reason for praise. As the same is known, the same verdict is rendered, but Jesus has stepped in to pay that price on the Cross at Calvary. He stepped in as the propitiation, the one who satisfied the wrath of God and had it removed form us to Him. This is reason to praise Him and live a life of praise to Him. The question today is which group are you in? The complete knowledge of your life is known by God, we all are deserving of Hell, yet some have received mercy in Jesus Christ. Are you a part of that group?

Really makes things like our garbage habits being known, very meaningless in the larger scheme of things!

blog you later,
pastor tom