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Friday, May 30, 2008


Friendswood Jr. High School in the Houston area recently had an indoctrination into Islam time during what was supposed to be phys. ed. class. According to parents of students there was no notification that something like this would be going on. But it did and it was led by CAIR which is a spin off of the Islamic Association of Palestine led by a leader of Hamas. In this "presentation" at the school the following was taught to the children, according to students who were forced to attend these sessions, these Islamic evangelists taught them:

"Adam, Noah and Jesus are prophets

There is one god, his name is Allah

The 5 Pillars of Islam

How to pray five times a day

Islamic religious garb"

Understand this is a public school funded by your tax dollars and it is being used to promote Islam! Without notification to parents, leaving them to find out after the fact, if they found out at all. How many children simply went home and told their parents nothing? What other things are going on and being taught that children will not talk about? The answers to those questions and more should be sought out. But the reality we must face sooner or later is the invasion continues, and it is coming through the academic institutions from the colleges who receive millions from Islam, to the public schools where classes are being hijacked to teach the religion of terror. One answer is to be sure your child stays far away from the public school system, as these schools are quickly becoming nothing more than indoctrination camps for everything from homosexuality to Islam. Another answer is to get involved, to get on your local school committee and stop these heinous practices. And of course the ultimate answer is sharing the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ with all that you can. And if your local school wants to allow classed on Islam, be sure to demand your rights as a taxpayer who pays for that school and insist on equal time for Jesus !

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


"In the Clutches of Ignorance" is a new documentary featuring Uzbekistan Islamic theologians among others. In this film Christian missionaries are described, "as dangerous as terrorist activities or the illegal drug trade." In some respects one can understand the threat that Christian missionaries pose to Islamists. Think about it, Islam reign and rules with the sword, by terror, oppression and fear. While followers of Christ feed, clothe, liberate people from the tyranny of oppression. So it is understandable Islamists would be threatened.

The awesome truth is and always has been that no matter how difficult things become, the followers of Jesus will continue their mission. They will not be deterred by threats or danger of any kind. The Word of God and the history of the Church tell us over and over again that His people will go and they will die following their Savior in the ministry He has called them to serve in.

Yes Christian missionaries are dangerous. Not because they will do bad things to people, but, in fact, just the opposite. They will love their enemies, pray for their enemies, forgive their enemies, all the while seeking opportunity to share the glorious good news that forgiveness of sin and newness of life is found in Jesus Christ and none other. Add to this the truth that followers of Christ know that to die is gain. Not because they believe some fantasy that 70 brown eye virgins will meet them at death, but rather death is gain because they will then be able to live forever with their Savior Jesus Christ. When a person believes life is all about Christ and death is better because they get to go and be with Him, that is a dangerous person. Dangerous for the Glory and Kingdom of God!

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Friday, May 23, 2008


Dr. Robin Sardar, 55 is a Christian doctor who is now in a Pakistani Jail. It seems as if a former friend who was jealous of his success has filed a report claiming that Sardaz made derogatory comments about the Prophet Mohammad. International Christian Concern has investigated and concluded it is simply a case of jealousy over the Doctor's success as a professional. This does not matter as simply being accused is enough to be guilty, which unfortunately is not unlike life in our own country.

What is amazing is the penalty being talked about. Sardar is looking at the death penalty. Here is a description of the chaos that is in place for allegedly insulting Mohammed, from the wires;

"According to Sardar's nephew, a mob of more than 200 Muslims wielding guns, sticks and kerosene oil attacked the doctor's home and medical offices following the report to police. The men, wearing green turbans to represent their Islamic faith, broke into Sadar's home, shattered windows and ruined the family's furniture in their residence and clinic.
"The mob then turned on Sardar and his family," the ICC reports. "Mr. Pervaiz Ghori, another of Sardar's relatives, said that the mob would have killed him if the police had not intervened in the nick of time."
The Islamic extremists protest daily on city streets, calling for the Christian doctor to be publicly executed. His nephew said Muslim clerics have been sending messages out over the mosque amplifier, urging the community to slay Sardar's family."

Once again we see the blind hatred and ignorance that is Islam. Teaching without regard for other human beings, indoctrinated and brainwashed to follow the dictates of the mad man that was Mohammad! Again a great contrast between followers of Islam and followers of Christ. Islam teaches you kill your enemy, while Christ taught you are to love and pray for your enemy. Islam's leader Mohammad, died and stayed dead, while Jesus Christ, died and on the third day rose from that death to prove He was the Messiah, the Way the Truth and the Life, the only way to the Father. He is the only way those trapped in Islam can be free!

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Robert Hirsch, Management Information Services Senior Energy Advisor is a well respected expert in the energy field. Consider this statement;

“[T]he prices that we’re paying at the pump today are, I think, going to be ‘the good old days,’ because others who watch this very closely forecast that we’re going to be hitting $12 and $15 per gallon,”

He then goes on to speak of rationing and shortages and all of the rest of the fallout of such prices. The question becomes, when will enough be enough? At what point will people begin to care more about people than some endangered species? The reality is that we have enough oil on our own soil to more than sufficiently take of our needs for centuries to come, yet we fail to access this resource due to concerns over wildlife. Yet if we continue down this road that is all that will be left, as more and more people will die due to things like starvation. There are over thirty countries where people are beginning to riot because they do not have food.

Oil relates directly to food, as the higher the price the more it effects productivity all the way down the line right to the grocery store. People will be making real choices between heat and food, driving to work or eating. In spite of that there will be still be those who will tie themselves to trees, picket in favor of not drilling for oil, and caring more for land and animals than they do real people. Although it will be interesting to see how many of those people will be willing to starve instead of drilling for resources that could save life!

One thing we do know and can rejoice in, God almighty is in control and all of this will work out for the glory of His name and the good of His people. It in times like this that we are reminded that Jesus Christ is the only answer. And I want to thank my friend Dave Bolton for emailing me and reminding me of that great truth, and the fact that I negated to put that great truth in this blog, which I now have done to and for His glory! Thank you brother.

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pastor tom

Monday, May 19, 2008


Pet Angel Memorial Center in Florida is, believe it or not, a pet funeral home! It exists to allow pet owners to have the same grieving process afforded to human beings. Here, from the owner;

"We started the business because I don't have two-legged children," Pet Angel Memorial owner Colleen Ellis said. "All I have is four-legged children and I wanted her treated in the same way as the human funeral business, which is the business I come from."

The phrasing from the owner of this business says it all. "All I have is four legged children". She believes that her pets are on par with human beings. It is a devaluing of human life in the name of love for pets. The sad thing is that this will probably turn into a booming business as all of those pet owners who treat their pets better than most human beings are treated around the world, will readily put together a funeral for their animals. And that is the point, they are animals.

Yes animals should be treated well, the Word of God tells us that a righteous man will treat animals well. But we should not elevate animals to the level of human beings. In doing so we devalue human life and confuse our children. What are children to think when they see rover having a funeral? They will come to the conclusion that rover is no different than they are. When in fact rover us much different, he is an animal.

Unfortunately we live in a society that will spend their money on animal funerals while there are people starving to death all around the world. The truth is we all will give an account not only for our time but for our finances. I do not see how God could ever be pleased with an animal funeral, when those He created to have dominion over those animals are starving to death and living in the streets. In fact I do not see how God could ever be pleased with an animal funeral, regardless of the state of those given dominion. Animals do not warrant funeral homes, that is a dignity that should be reserved for human beings. Who, yes, are different, and yes, superior to animals!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


In Minneapolis there is a student teacher who needs to have a service dog with him, due to his having seizures. Amazingly the dog will protect him while the seizures happen, which is about once a week. Tyler Hurd, 23 is fortunate to have such an animal and that he is not deterred from the career he loves. Recently he was placed in Technical High School in St. Cloud, Minn. for some student teaching experience. Something he has done at other schools. What he encountered at this school is unlike anything he has experienced anywhere else. In this school there is a Muslim student from Somalia who has threatened to kill the dog. The teaching of Islam has little favor for dogs and this student not only was abiding by the rule of not touching such an animal, but had set out to kill it.

You would hope that this story ends with the suspension of the student and the care and concern for the student teacher. But that would be a sane world that does not bow down in fear to Islam. The way this turned out was the student teacher was given full credit for his assignment, not having to teach the final ten hours, so he could get out of the school. There is a great solution, leave the student who has threatened to kill the dog alone, and remove the teacher who needs the dog for medical purposes.

It is simply another in a long line of examples of the cowardice that runs rampant in our country. Islamists are the bully's who have everyone else bowing down to them, and cowering in fear. They have everyone on the run, afraid to contradict and go against any behavior, regardless of how barbaric it might be. The invasion continues while the rest of the nation continues to whistle past the grave yard believing all is well, and the prophets of the day are proclaiming "peace" "peace", when there is none.

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Monday, May 12, 2008


Irena Sendler has died at the age of 98. Who is she you ask? She is one of the greatest heroes of our day. She is the means God used to keep generations of people alive, at great risk to herself. Irene was responsible for putting together a team of twenty that rescued some twenty five hundred children from the Warsaw ghetto from 1940-1943. Here is a description of her heroic work from the wires;

"Records show Sendler's team of some 20 people saved almost 2,500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto between October 1940 and April 1943, when the Nazis burned the ghetto, shooting the residents or sending them to death camps. Under the pretext of inspecting the ghetto's sanitary conditions during a typhoid outbreak, Sendler and her assistants entered in search of children who could be smuggled out and be given a chance to survive by living as Catholics.

Babies and small children were smuggled out in ambulances and in trams, sometimes wrapped up as packages. Teenagers escaped by joining teams of workers forced to labor outside the ghetto. They were placed in families, orphanages, hospitals or convents. In hopes of one day uniting the children with their families — most of whom perished in the Nazis' death camps — Sendler wrote the children's real names on slips of paper that she kept at home. When German police came to arrest her in 1943, an assistant managed to hide the slips — which Sendler later buried in a jar under an apple tree in an associates yard. Some 2,500 names were recorded."

And here is a comment from one of those who were rescued;

"It took a true miracle to save a Jewish child," Elzbieta Ficowska, who was saved by Sendler's team as a baby in 1942, recalled in an interview with The Associated Press in 2007. "Mrs. Sendler saved not only us, but also our children and grandchildren and the generations to come"

As impressive and heroic as her actions were, there is another who has rescued millions. Jesus Christ died a brutal death on a cross at Calvary to rescue people who were also sentenced to death. Only these people were sentenced to death and then life in a forever Hell, a pain and torture beyond death. And here is the sobering reality, if you have never received Christ as your Savior, that is you. You are still under that sentence of judgment, and only Christ Jesus can rescue you. So as we honor the memory of Irene Sandler, a hero, let also remember the One who rescues people not just for this life, but the one to come!

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Thursday, May 08, 2008


Believe it or not there is a "Happiness and its Causes" conference. It is held in Sydney Australia, and from this conference comes "news" from Harvard University psychology professor Daniel Gilbert. It seems Gilbert has found that marriage makes people happy, but having children does not. In his own words;

"Figures show that married people are in almost every way happier than unmarried people — whether they are single, divorced, cohabiting. Married people live longer, married people earn more money per capita, married people have more sex and enjoy it more. But, despite the belief that children are the apples of our eyes, they actually can have a negative influence on marriages,and more kids equals more sadness. U.S. and European studies show that married couples’ happiness spikes when they're expecting a baby but once that baby arrives, it plummets. And forget about empty nest syndrome. The low point comes when children are between the ages of 12 and 16 and happiness only starts to recover once they fly the coop."

Isn't it interesting to see how the world views life? The reasoning behind these findings is not hard to uncover, as it has to do with how self centered we all can be . When there are not children in the house couples are unencumbered and do what they want without restriction. But when children enter, there is a life of responsibility and care that is called for. In fact when children come to a marriage it is a great opportunity to love and serve the way the Lord does. Children are how we best understand how it is that God could love us in spite of how sinful we are. Children are the way we understand a life of cross bearing, living a servant lifestyle.

Marriage should be enough to draw us into living life this way, but it is children that are the miracle used by God to not only make us understand His love better, but how to better live for Him. If you are searching for a life centered around you, then children could be seen as an intrusion. But if you are seeking the greater joy of following your Savior Jesus Christ, baring your cross and living for others, then children are the greatest blessing that will bring you the greatest joy in life.

It is sad that at a conference that seeks how to find the greatest happiness, people would be settling for so little. Calling broken cisterns joy, when there is an ocean of Living Water available. Praise God for the blessing of children!

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pastor tom

Monday, May 05, 2008


The may edition of Pediatrics is being released today with a report on the use of anti-psychotics in children. The results are startling;

"In the U.K. study, anti-psychotics were prescribed for 595 children at a rate of less than four per 10,000 children in 1992. By 2005, 2,917 children were prescribed the drugs at a rate of seven per 10,000 — a near-doubling, said lead author Fariz Rani, a researcher at the University of London's pharmacy school"

As troubling as these results are, even more troubling is how they compare to what is going on in America. Consider this
contrast, as an earlier U.S. study found that nearly 45 American children out of 10,000 used the drugs in 2001 versus more than 23 per 10,000 in 1996. While it is bad in the U.K., it is horrific in this country as nearly seven times as many kids are being prescribed these drugs. Can it be that children in this country are seven times more needy than those across the pond? Can it be that children need more drugs than they did in 1996?

I would advocate that this can not be possible, but what is possible, plausible and probable is that drug companies have become better at marketing. They are doing a better job at convincing patients and doctors that the answer is a drug. And that a drug can make your child become the cookie cutter, never cause a problem, fit nicely into society child that many have been duped into believing should be the goal. I believe one hundred years from now people will look back at our society and how we drugged our kids, and come to the same conclusion we have about those who in years past would drill into someones head due to a head ache. You would not drill a hole in your childs head if they had a head ache. Would you?

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Friday, May 02, 2008


There is a 500 year old tradition in India that is hard to fathom. New born babies are thrown off of a 50 ft high temple wall and caught with a cloth. It is an amazing sight that can be seen by going to;


The most troubling aspect about this, after the obvious danger, is the reasoning behind the practice. As one devotee put it;
"If you do this, it is good for the child. They become healthy. It is to get the blessings of God. The babies are between nine months and 11 months old or sometimes are of even less age."

The desire is a good one, the blessing of God, but the method and belief of how that happens is dangerously heretical, and points to the importance of doctrine and theology. Some people like to advocate that doctrine divides and theology is unnecessary, but practices like this are ample evidence that the opposite is true. There is nothing more important than doctrine and theology. What we believe and teach about God is how we will live for God. And if we are wrong in our doctrine and theology we are subject to do things like throw babies off of 50 foot walls to gain the blessing of God.

Theology and doctrine are at the foundation of everything everyone does, whether they know that or not. For those reading this blog, I would encourage you to keep your doctrine pure and pursue the theological studies that are available, first through the Word of God and secondarily, but importantly through good books, such as Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology, John Piper's writings, Steven Lawson's works on grace etc etc etc. Do not be afraid of rigorous study when it comes to learning about the God who saved you and calls you to joyous fellowship with Him. It is critical that you become a believer with solid doctrine and a love for good theology. It matters to you and your family, particularly if you have a new born and there is a 50 foot wall nearby!

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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Last winter Haleigh Poutre 14, was about to die. Not of natural causes but of human decision. The wonderful Massachusetts Supreme Court was about to rule that she could be murdered, or have all life support removed, when she began to breathe on her own, discrediting those who would seek her death in the name of mercy. An interesting thing has happened since then, in that she has learned to communicate. A part of her communication has been to describe the abuse she had endured from her adoptive mother and stepfather. It was not that she injured herself doing a back flip as was the story given at the time but rather she was severely abused.

In an amazingly short period of time this young girl has gone from a death sentence to being able to tell the truth of what happened to her. None of this would have been possible if the courts had their way and the life support was removed from this girl. This story is an incredible contrast between her situation and Terry Schiavo. The circumstances are strikingly similar, both in a state where there was a need for feeding to stay alive. Both situations creating suspicion as to what truly happened to bring their condition about. And both situations in a court system that was going to pronounce a death sentence, which in Terry Schiavo's case was carried through.

What would we have learned had Terry been able to stay alive? If she had been allowed to live instead of die, who knows what she could have told the world. Unfortunately in her case the court went along with an ex husbands desire to see her die. We will never know what Terry knew or could have become. We do know that Haliegh Poutre is on the road to recovery and communicating quite well. Something that Supreme Court of Massachusetts was not going to allow, in the name of mercy, of course!

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pastor tom