Friday, May 02, 2008


There is a 500 year old tradition in India that is hard to fathom. New born babies are thrown off of a 50 ft high temple wall and caught with a cloth. It is an amazing sight that can be seen by going to;,,30200-1314661,00.html

The most troubling aspect about this, after the obvious danger, is the reasoning behind the practice. As one devotee put it;
"If you do this, it is good for the child. They become healthy. It is to get the blessings of God. The babies are between nine months and 11 months old or sometimes are of even less age."

The desire is a good one, the blessing of God, but the method and belief of how that happens is dangerously heretical, and points to the importance of doctrine and theology. Some people like to advocate that doctrine divides and theology is unnecessary, but practices like this are ample evidence that the opposite is true. There is nothing more important than doctrine and theology. What we believe and teach about God is how we will live for God. And if we are wrong in our doctrine and theology we are subject to do things like throw babies off of 50 foot walls to gain the blessing of God.

Theology and doctrine are at the foundation of everything everyone does, whether they know that or not. For those reading this blog, I would encourage you to keep your doctrine pure and pursue the theological studies that are available, first through the Word of God and secondarily, but importantly through good books, such as Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology, John Piper's writings, Steven Lawson's works on grace etc etc etc. Do not be afraid of rigorous study when it comes to learning about the God who saved you and calls you to joyous fellowship with Him. It is critical that you become a believer with solid doctrine and a love for good theology. It matters to you and your family, particularly if you have a new born and there is a 50 foot wall nearby!

blog you later,
pastor tom