Monday, May 05, 2008


The may edition of Pediatrics is being released today with a report on the use of anti-psychotics in children. The results are startling;

"In the U.K. study, anti-psychotics were prescribed for 595 children at a rate of less than four per 10,000 children in 1992. By 2005, 2,917 children were prescribed the drugs at a rate of seven per 10,000 — a near-doubling, said lead author Fariz Rani, a researcher at the University of London's pharmacy school"

As troubling as these results are, even more troubling is how they compare to what is going on in America. Consider this
contrast, as an earlier U.S. study found that nearly 45 American children out of 10,000 used the drugs in 2001 versus more than 23 per 10,000 in 1996. While it is bad in the U.K., it is horrific in this country as nearly seven times as many kids are being prescribed these drugs. Can it be that children in this country are seven times more needy than those across the pond? Can it be that children need more drugs than they did in 1996?

I would advocate that this can not be possible, but what is possible, plausible and probable is that drug companies have become better at marketing. They are doing a better job at convincing patients and doctors that the answer is a drug. And that a drug can make your child become the cookie cutter, never cause a problem, fit nicely into society child that many have been duped into believing should be the goal. I believe one hundred years from now people will look back at our society and how we drugged our kids, and come to the same conclusion we have about those who in years past would drill into someones head due to a head ache. You would not drill a hole in your childs head if they had a head ache. Would you?

blog you later,
pastor tom