Monday, May 19, 2008


Pet Angel Memorial Center in Florida is, believe it or not, a pet funeral home! It exists to allow pet owners to have the same grieving process afforded to human beings. Here, from the owner;

"We started the business because I don't have two-legged children," Pet Angel Memorial owner Colleen Ellis said. "All I have is four-legged children and I wanted her treated in the same way as the human funeral business, which is the business I come from."

The phrasing from the owner of this business says it all. "All I have is four legged children". She believes that her pets are on par with human beings. It is a devaluing of human life in the name of love for pets. The sad thing is that this will probably turn into a booming business as all of those pet owners who treat their pets better than most human beings are treated around the world, will readily put together a funeral for their animals. And that is the point, they are animals.

Yes animals should be treated well, the Word of God tells us that a righteous man will treat animals well. But we should not elevate animals to the level of human beings. In doing so we devalue human life and confuse our children. What are children to think when they see rover having a funeral? They will come to the conclusion that rover is no different than they are. When in fact rover us much different, he is an animal.

Unfortunately we live in a society that will spend their money on animal funerals while there are people starving to death all around the world. The truth is we all will give an account not only for our time but for our finances. I do not see how God could ever be pleased with an animal funeral, when those He created to have dominion over those animals are starving to death and living in the streets. In fact I do not see how God could ever be pleased with an animal funeral, regardless of the state of those given dominion. Animals do not warrant funeral homes, that is a dignity that should be reserved for human beings. Who, yes, are different, and yes, superior to animals!

blog you later,
pastor tom