Thursday, May 01, 2008


Last winter Haleigh Poutre 14, was about to die. Not of natural causes but of human decision. The wonderful Massachusetts Supreme Court was about to rule that she could be murdered, or have all life support removed, when she began to breathe on her own, discrediting those who would seek her death in the name of mercy. An interesting thing has happened since then, in that she has learned to communicate. A part of her communication has been to describe the abuse she had endured from her adoptive mother and stepfather. It was not that she injured herself doing a back flip as was the story given at the time but rather she was severely abused.

In an amazingly short period of time this young girl has gone from a death sentence to being able to tell the truth of what happened to her. None of this would have been possible if the courts had their way and the life support was removed from this girl. This story is an incredible contrast between her situation and Terry Schiavo. The circumstances are strikingly similar, both in a state where there was a need for feeding to stay alive. Both situations creating suspicion as to what truly happened to bring their condition about. And both situations in a court system that was going to pronounce a death sentence, which in Terry Schiavo's case was carried through.

What would we have learned had Terry been able to stay alive? If she had been allowed to live instead of die, who knows what she could have told the world. Unfortunately in her case the court went along with an ex husbands desire to see her die. We will never know what Terry knew or could have become. We do know that Haliegh Poutre is on the road to recovery and communicating quite well. Something that Supreme Court of Massachusetts was not going to allow, in the name of mercy, of course!

blog you later,
pastor tom