Tuesday, May 13, 2008


In Minneapolis there is a student teacher who needs to have a service dog with him, due to his having seizures. Amazingly the dog will protect him while the seizures happen, which is about once a week. Tyler Hurd, 23 is fortunate to have such an animal and that he is not deterred from the career he loves. Recently he was placed in Technical High School in St. Cloud, Minn. for some student teaching experience. Something he has done at other schools. What he encountered at this school is unlike anything he has experienced anywhere else. In this school there is a Muslim student from Somalia who has threatened to kill the dog. The teaching of Islam has little favor for dogs and this student not only was abiding by the rule of not touching such an animal, but had set out to kill it.

You would hope that this story ends with the suspension of the student and the care and concern for the student teacher. But that would be a sane world that does not bow down in fear to Islam. The way this turned out was the student teacher was given full credit for his assignment, not having to teach the final ten hours, so he could get out of the school. There is a great solution, leave the student who has threatened to kill the dog alone, and remove the teacher who needs the dog for medical purposes.

It is simply another in a long line of examples of the cowardice that runs rampant in our country. Islamists are the bully's who have everyone else bowing down to them, and cowering in fear. They have everyone on the run, afraid to contradict and go against any behavior, regardless of how barbaric it might be. The invasion continues while the rest of the nation continues to whistle past the grave yard believing all is well, and the prophets of the day are proclaiming "peace" "peace", when there is none.

blog you later,
pastor tom