Friday, May 23, 2008


Dr. Robin Sardar, 55 is a Christian doctor who is now in a Pakistani Jail. It seems as if a former friend who was jealous of his success has filed a report claiming that Sardaz made derogatory comments about the Prophet Mohammad. International Christian Concern has investigated and concluded it is simply a case of jealousy over the Doctor's success as a professional. This does not matter as simply being accused is enough to be guilty, which unfortunately is not unlike life in our own country.

What is amazing is the penalty being talked about. Sardar is looking at the death penalty. Here is a description of the chaos that is in place for allegedly insulting Mohammed, from the wires;

"According to Sardar's nephew, a mob of more than 200 Muslims wielding guns, sticks and kerosene oil attacked the doctor's home and medical offices following the report to police. The men, wearing green turbans to represent their Islamic faith, broke into Sadar's home, shattered windows and ruined the family's furniture in their residence and clinic.
"The mob then turned on Sardar and his family," the ICC reports. "Mr. Pervaiz Ghori, another of Sardar's relatives, said that the mob would have killed him if the police had not intervened in the nick of time."
The Islamic extremists protest daily on city streets, calling for the Christian doctor to be publicly executed. His nephew said Muslim clerics have been sending messages out over the mosque amplifier, urging the community to slay Sardar's family."

Once again we see the blind hatred and ignorance that is Islam. Teaching without regard for other human beings, indoctrinated and brainwashed to follow the dictates of the mad man that was Mohammad! Again a great contrast between followers of Islam and followers of Christ. Islam teaches you kill your enemy, while Christ taught you are to love and pray for your enemy. Islam's leader Mohammad, died and stayed dead, while Jesus Christ, died and on the third day rose from that death to prove He was the Messiah, the Way the Truth and the Life, the only way to the Father. He is the only way those trapped in Islam can be free!

blog you later,
pastor tom