Thursday, May 08, 2008


Believe it or not there is a "Happiness and its Causes" conference. It is held in Sydney Australia, and from this conference comes "news" from Harvard University psychology professor Daniel Gilbert. It seems Gilbert has found that marriage makes people happy, but having children does not. In his own words;

"Figures show that married people are in almost every way happier than unmarried people — whether they are single, divorced, cohabiting. Married people live longer, married people earn more money per capita, married people have more sex and enjoy it more. But, despite the belief that children are the apples of our eyes, they actually can have a negative influence on marriages,and more kids equals more sadness. U.S. and European studies show that married couples’ happiness spikes when they're expecting a baby but once that baby arrives, it plummets. And forget about empty nest syndrome. The low point comes when children are between the ages of 12 and 16 and happiness only starts to recover once they fly the coop."

Isn't it interesting to see how the world views life? The reasoning behind these findings is not hard to uncover, as it has to do with how self centered we all can be . When there are not children in the house couples are unencumbered and do what they want without restriction. But when children enter, there is a life of responsibility and care that is called for. In fact when children come to a marriage it is a great opportunity to love and serve the way the Lord does. Children are how we best understand how it is that God could love us in spite of how sinful we are. Children are the way we understand a life of cross bearing, living a servant lifestyle.

Marriage should be enough to draw us into living life this way, but it is children that are the miracle used by God to not only make us understand His love better, but how to better live for Him. If you are searching for a life centered around you, then children could be seen as an intrusion. But if you are seeking the greater joy of following your Savior Jesus Christ, baring your cross and living for others, then children are the greatest blessing that will bring you the greatest joy in life.

It is sad that at a conference that seeks how to find the greatest happiness, people would be settling for so little. Calling broken cisterns joy, when there is an ocean of Living Water available. Praise God for the blessing of children!

blog you later,
pastor tom