Wednesday, May 28, 2008


"In the Clutches of Ignorance" is a new documentary featuring Uzbekistan Islamic theologians among others. In this film Christian missionaries are described, "as dangerous as terrorist activities or the illegal drug trade." In some respects one can understand the threat that Christian missionaries pose to Islamists. Think about it, Islam reign and rules with the sword, by terror, oppression and fear. While followers of Christ feed, clothe, liberate people from the tyranny of oppression. So it is understandable Islamists would be threatened.

The awesome truth is and always has been that no matter how difficult things become, the followers of Jesus will continue their mission. They will not be deterred by threats or danger of any kind. The Word of God and the history of the Church tell us over and over again that His people will go and they will die following their Savior in the ministry He has called them to serve in.

Yes Christian missionaries are dangerous. Not because they will do bad things to people, but, in fact, just the opposite. They will love their enemies, pray for their enemies, forgive their enemies, all the while seeking opportunity to share the glorious good news that forgiveness of sin and newness of life is found in Jesus Christ and none other. Add to this the truth that followers of Christ know that to die is gain. Not because they believe some fantasy that 70 brown eye virgins will meet them at death, but rather death is gain because they will then be able to live forever with their Savior Jesus Christ. When a person believes life is all about Christ and death is better because they get to go and be with Him, that is a dangerous person. Dangerous for the Glory and Kingdom of God!

blog you later,
pastor tom