Thursday, June 19, 2008


In Canada the father of a 12 year old had instructed her on Internet use. He laid out the rules like any good father, with the expectation that they would be followed. When they were not, again like any good father he brought consequences to the disobedience. The consequence he brought was to ground the child, a reasonable punishment that would seem to fit the crime. Well the daughter did not agree and actually took the father to court. I kid you not, this 12 year old made use of the Canadian court system and received a court appointed lawyer.

The most bizarre part of all of this is that she won! The court overturned the fathers punishment ruling in favor of the daughter, leaving this parent and all parents in Canada at the mercy of the judiciary. The Quebec Superior Court actually ordered the grounding of the girl lifted. The father has appealed and hopes to have another day in court.

This is the trend and the coming reality to our own country. You only have to look at the latest Supreme Court ruling on Guantanamo to see the similarity. The Supreme Court had no jurisdiction to even consider this case given the fact it was a law that Congress had exempted from any challenge in federal court. The Supreme Court looked into something they had no legal standing to even consider, yet that did not stop them. They looked into and overturned something the legislation had passed and the President had signed, an incredible power grab that rises to the level of a take over of government.

But no one notices these things and the people go on their merry way, whistling past the grave yard. You can be sure that your rights as a parent are fast slipping away. You can be sure that there is a take over of our government by the judges of the land. From homosexual marriage, to war time decisions by the President, to a father grounding his daughter, they believe they know better, and they should decide. They are the men and women in black robes who seek rule and decide as kings, and are fast obtaining exactly what they seek!

blog you later,
pastor tom