Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well finally we some contemporary proof. Saudi marriage officiant Dr. Ahmad al-Mu’bi told Lebanese television that you could arrange a marriage contract at the age of one, but would have to wait until a later age for their to be consummation of the marriage. What age did he say was appropriate? At first he spoke of the age being different depending on the people and also the need for the father as the guardian to be involved in these decisions. But then he said what is true and amazing, that he followed the prophet Mohammad and that Mohamed married Aisha when she was six but waited until she was NINE to have sex with her! You can watch and hear the interview for yourself at

As I said finally there is evidence and proof that sex with young girls was not just the practice of the very troubled and deranged pedophile Mohammad, but is the belief and practice in Islam. People in Islam follow a pedophile, a man who had sex with a nine year old, yet they want to extol the virtues and teachings of this man, while trying to deny or explain away his perverted activities. Well deny no longer as it is on the web and it was said just last week.

As Christs followers we need to be diligent to point out these atrocities to the Muslims around us. As we share the love of God that is available in Christ, we also should ask the moms and dads what they think about adults having sex with nine year old girls? Jesus Christ is truth and as His followers we are called to speak the truth, yes in love, but the truth. It is the only way a person can be set free!

blog you later,
pastor tom