Monday, June 23, 2008


Jiang Xiaojuan is a police officer in China, and she is also the mother of a six month old child. Last month there was a horrific 7.9 earthquake that caused much damage and loss of life. In disasters like these there are always many acts of heroism and sacrifice that go unnoticed and unmentioned. Jiang is an example of such heroism. In an amazing act of heroism this woman left her child with grand parents and went to the disaster site and fed babies with her own breast milk.

She is being called China's number one mom, as what she did literally saved the lives of children. Here is what some parents said;

"We walked out of the mountains for a long time," said Zhao Zong Jun. "I hadn't eaten in days when I got here, and my milk was not enough. She saved my baby."

Liu Rong, another mother who struggled to feed her infant through the trauma, told CNN, "I am so touched because she has her own baby, but she fed the disaster babies first. If she hadn't fed my son, he wouldn't have had enough to eat."

Praise God for Jiang Xiaojuan's willingness to do something to help. There is always something that can be done, but it takes a servants heart to get it done. As followers of Jesus Christ this should be our starting place in all situations. We should begin with, "what can we do?". We should seek Gods direction and then get busy putting feet to those prayers. Yes pray that people be warm and fed, but also get out there with some clothes and food. There is always something that can be done to serve others, as Jiangs example displays.

God takes an offering such as that and saves lives through it! What is it that He would have you offer to serve others?

blog you later,
pastor tom