Thursday, June 12, 2008


Under Gov. Bill Ritter's leadership Colorado is fast turning into a liberal bastion. In May he signed a law that did away with gender specific bathrooms, to which Dr. James Dobson commented;

"Who would have believed that the Colorado state legislature and its governor would have made it fully legal for men to enter and use women's restrooms and locker-room facilities without notice or explanation? Henceforth, every woman and little girl will have to fear that a predator, bisexual, cross-dresser or even a homosexual or heterosexual male might walk in and relieve himself in their presence,"

Well now the good Governor is going to sign into law a bill that will require there to be no biblical description of homosexuality outside of the walls of the church. In other words, if you were to call homosexuality a sin outside of the church you would be found guilty of hate. It will be a crime in Colorado to hand out pamphlets or any literature that speaks truthfully about homosexuality. As I have been saying for years, this is coming, and now it is here. This is not across the pond, this is not Canada, but in fact this is now the law of the land in Colorado. Again Dr. Dobson;

"This is your government in action. It represents a payback to Tim Gill and two other billionaires who have essentially 'bought' state legislators with enormous campaign contributions. Coloradans deserve better! And by the way, because of the way this bill is written, it is not subject to the initiative process. There is no recourse."

Persecution is on the way believers. Fines, jail time and worse, and the question as always is who will stand for God and His Word and who will not?

blog you later,
pastor tom