Friday, June 13, 2008


Tim Russert died today. The 58 year old journalist from NBC, the host of Meet the Press, the author of books extolling the virtues of family and fatherhood in particular, is gone. You can have an idea of who someone is from watching them on television or even listening on the radio, and at times you can be very misled. With Russert you always had the impression that this was a hardworking fun loving decent man who dearly loved his family. And from all accounts that is what everyone who knew him is saying today as they mourn his loss.

The other striking, glaring, obvious but unmentioned reality here is the brevity of life and uncertainty of tomorrow. Tim Russert had flown back from Italy to prepare for his Sunday show, was doing voice overs for that show and died. God in His Word tells us that life is like an evening shadow, a morning mist, something that is here and quickly gone. With that being true the thing that truly matters is our relationship with Jesus Christ. Are we His and are we living life for His glory? We do not know if tomorrow will get here for us, or how many tomorrows we have left.

To be sure Tim Russert began this day with many plans and preparing for the future. He ended the day in front of God to be judged. The question for you is when your day ends that way, and one day it will, are you going to be ready? If Jesus Christ your Savior? If not beg Him for mercy, if He is, then live with all you have for Him.

May God have mercy on the Russert family as they mourn the sudden tragic loss of their loved one.

blog you later,
pastor tom