Wednesday, June 04, 2008


What is it about reality shows that so many people are drawn to them? There is a craze of reality shows out where people are filmed going about their normal lives. Some of the draw is to see how celebrities live, as ours is a celebrity driven culture. If you do not believe that consider all of the magazines that are for sale that are nothing more than pictures books of celebrities activities for the last week. But what is it that draws us to sit at home and watch other people live? And at times what you will be watching is someone else watching television!

I confess myself to being drawn to watch these shows. I am not going to call it appointment television, nor do I even know when one of these shows is on. But if in the course of channel surfing, I come across one, that is where I stay, as I like so many others are drawn to it. Is it some type of sick voyeuristic impulse in all of us? Or is it that the quality of entertainment has fallen to such a low level that watching people live life has become interesting? I do not know all of the answers and am still trying to figure out what it is that attracts people. Along with trying to understand why Deon Sanders some times rides a scooter around his house and other times does not!! Sorry, but I just saw that on Deon and Pilar!

blog you later,
pastor tom