Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Sandeela Kanwal, 25 has a father Chaudhry Rashid, 54 who is a Pakistani that believes in arranged marriages and the law of the Muslim. Sandeela had a marriage that was arranged, although she was not thrilled with it. According to her mother Gina, Sandeela wanted to cancel the marriage but had not spoken to her father about it. Well her father found out about her decision to cancel, and did what any Sharia Law believing Muslim father would do, he killed his daughter! That's right, Chaudry strangled his daughter to death in what is known as an "honor killing". Performed in Clayton County Georgia, in the good old U.S.A.!

While no father likes the idea of his daughter going through a divorce, this is what Muslim fathers do. This is what the law of the land for the Sharia Muslim dictates. The more absurd truth is that in England there are high ranking judges that believe it is OK for Muslims to operate under their own Sharia law. While they will give the qualifier of no one being hurt, you can be sure once the door is open the door will be ripped off of its hinges.

So here it is, another Muslim father daughter moment. Another clear example of the abuse that women are forced to endure under the Muslim belief system. Another clear example of Mohammed's followers doing exactly as he taught them and exactly how he showed them!

blog you later,
pastor tom