Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Rene Marie is a jazz singer who was called upon to sing our national anthem at the presentation of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's State of the City address yesterday. Instead, she sang "Lift Every Voice and Sing," also known as the "Black National Anthem," to the tune of the "Star-Spangled Banner." After being introduced by the city council president she got up and without notifying anyone sang the "Black National Anthem", because in her words, she doesn't feel American.

Now I am going to guess not many if any of you reading this blog have heard about this. But do you think you would have if the situation was reversed? If a white singer was called upon to sing the national anthem at an event but substituted some song that was known as a "white national anthem", do you think you might have heard about it? Of course you would have heard of it, as it would be on the twenty four hour news loop of all of the alphabet channels. It would be covered as one of the great racist moments in our history.

But when a black singer does this very thing, it receives very little coverage with very little outcry. Reason being ours is a society that has embraced the false notion that all white people are racists and we all owe black people for the atrocities of the past. I recently had Ron Sider on my radio show and got into this very debate with him, as he mentioned all that"we" had done to blacks. I called him on that statement and told him that I had not done anything to blacks, to which he disagreed, given the fact that I was white.

The absurdity of his point was displayed when I asked him if the over ninety percent of blacks in Philadelphia who voted for Barak Obama because he was black were racist. He replied they were not, to which I asked if the many whites in West Virginia who voted for Hillary Clinton because she was white were racist, and he said that they were! So when blacks vote for Obama because he is black, they are not racist, but when Whites vote for Clinton because she is white, they are racist.

This convoluted reasoning is why a black singer can, without notification, decide to sing the"black national anthem", instead of the song she AGREED to sing, and receive very little if any criticism for it. Reason being, people live in fear of speaking the truth. They would rather be liked, accepted and fit in, as opposed to speaking and living the truth. Sad but true!!