Wednesday, July 23, 2008


An audit of Michigan day care providers has evidenced some extremely troubling results. From the wires;

"Michigan’s oversight of child care providers was so ridden with deficiencies that state regulators licensed hundreds of convicted sex offenders, child abusers and criminals during a three-year period ending in 2006, according to an audit released today by the state auditor general. The Department of Human Services authorized 1,900 unsuitable day care providers during the period placing 4,600 children at risk, auditors found.

Among those authorized, auditors found 428 people who had been identified by the department as having “substantiated histories of child abuse” and 712 providers with unsuitable criminal histories, including 28 with convictions for murder, rape and assault. The department also authorized 31 day care providers who were, at the time of approval, registered sex offenders, auditors found."

While the incompetence of the process is stunning, there is a larger point to be made here. When you drop your kids off at day care you truly do not know who you are entrusting your children to. You might believe you do, but the reality is that the people you hand your most prized possession to, will never love your child the way you do. They will never care for your child the way you do. And as the results of this audit tell us, they might have some very troubling circumstances in their past.

I know some will say they have no choice but to use day care. And I know there are some great day care centers. But is the risk worth it? Is the lifestyle that you seek to maintain worth the well being of your child? While you might think that to be extreme and an out of touch way to think, I would suggest that Gods design is for moms to be home with their children. I would suggest that no one can care for the children they way mom can. I would suggest that it is far better to live in a lower standard of living with mom home than it is to have all the things of this world and lose your child. And if that, tragically, were to happen, you would give all you had to be able to lower your standard of living and protect your child.

Give it some thought, audits do not lie!

blog you later,
pastor tom