Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Have you seen it before today? This cover for the New Yorker is an incredibly bad attempt at satire by a publication that is very pro Obama. The attempt is to show the things people believe about Obama that are not true, like he is a Muslim and hates America. Two things that are not true. I do not believe Obama is a hater of America, although I do believe his policies will do damage to America. Nor do I believe he is a Muslim, although I do believe his foreign policy would be welcomed by the terrorists who are indeed Muslims.

I also think this cover was bad manners and unfair to the Obama campaign. But this is an example of the gnostic type belief that liberals have that they are smarter than everyone else. They like to think of themselves as the intelligent, the upper crust, the ones who know better than the rest of us common knuckle draggers! Yet in all of their supposed intelligence they out smarted themselves with this cover. I am sure that somewhere in a board room they all sat around and talked about how great of a cover this would be. How this would truly help Obama and make clear the erroneous views some have of him.

What they did not count on was their own true lack of intelligence and common sense coming back to bite them. The problem for them is that many people will walk by this magazine, take a quick look and believe that it confirms their suspicions about Barak Obama. In reality they have hurt the one they sought to help. Here is some advice for the boys at the New Yorker, if you have to explain a joke it is a bad joke, and if you have to explain it is satire, it is bad satire.

I guess they aint that durn smart after all, are they ma?!!!

blog you later,
pastor tom