Friday, November 14, 2008


There has been a lot of talk about President -Elect Obama. From his religion, to his schooling, to his drug use, to his ideology, to his friends etc etc. But there is one continuing question that seems a bit more troubling to me, and that is the place of his birth. There have been a number of law suits filed, both state and federal seeking proof of Obama's place of birth, and at this point to no avail. The Obama camp answers that Hawaii has verified that he was born there. But what Hawaii provides for proof isn't evidence that the President-Elect is a natural born citizen because it doesn't reveal the hospital where Obama was born, a doctor's name or the baby's footprint, according the Associated Press. The million dollar question in all of this is why doesn't President -Elect Obama simply come forth and produce those documents? Why would he not?

One possible answer is devastating to consider, and that would be if in fact he was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya, as his grandmother attests to. If this is the reason for not coming forth, there are some amazing consequences, not the least of which is that Obama would be ineligible to be President. If it were proven that he was not born in this country, that would mean he could not hold the office according to the Constitution. Which would leave our country in a very precarious position, to uphold the Constitution and see the largest and wildest race riots ever, or look the other way and allow the man to serve, finding or creating some weak loophole or exception.

I would strongly advocate and insist that the Constitution must be upheld, regardless of consequence. If Obama were truly not born in our country, then we must obey what the founders set in place for our great country. If we deny or ignore the constitution then we will be no better than............oh yeah President elect Obama. For the sake of our country, let us hope and pray the man was born in the United States, so we can move forward with the great issues of the day. But if he was not , let us also have the courage of our founders to do the right thing!

blog you later,
pastor tom