Saturday, November 08, 2008


Some thing happened Friday that went completely under the radar. While President elect Obama was giving his first press conference,getting information wrong and offending Nancy Reagan in the process, O.J. Simpson was in court being told that his request for a new trial was denied. Mr. Simpson came to court in shackles and a prison uniform and it appears that he will spend most of the rest of his life, if not all of it in jail. Simpson as you know was found guilty of a number of charges including kidnapping and eerily he was found guilty on that exact anniversary date of his acquittal for the murder of his wife.

Even though he was found innocent many years ago in the criminal trial, most people understood he was guilty. And in a later civil trial he was found guilty, yes with a lesser burden of proof, but for anyone who followed the trial it was clear he murdered his wife and Ron Goldman. While it seemed that he got away with murder here he was some years later being found guilty, here he is today being denied a new trial and soon he will be sentenced to what will amount to a life sentence.

I am reminded by all of this that Gods Word tells us that our ways will be found out. What is done in private will be made known. This should give those of you who have been wronged without vindication, peace, knowing that God does not let anything go undone. He will right all the wrongs and balance all of the accounts. It might not be in the time frame that you would like but He will bring justice to those that deserve it. It is a great comfort to know that no one gets anything by our Lord. He knows the motives of the heart and the truth about all situations, and He will bring glory to His name, by how He exposes those who need to be exposed.

O. J. Simpson believed he got away with murder, like many who live their lives today believing they too have gotten away with something. But they, like Simpson will also have their day of exposure. And one can only hope in that day it will either bring them to true faith in the Lord, or bring them to a place of repenting as His child. Either way it will resound to His glory!