Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It has been stated here more than once that the Muslim faith is one that demeans people, particularly women, is not interested in peace, but in fact does what it has to in order to see it spread world wide. The rules do not apply to Muslims, and in fact they are changed to accommodate those who intimidate again and again. A great example of this is seen in Egypt where there is a growing trend of judges going against the law they are called to enforce in order to see that children are not raised by any Christians. I am referencing those situations of marriage and divorce where there might be a Muslim man and a Christian woman. Egyptian law's Article 20 is clear that a child is to stay with his or her mother until the age of 15. Here are some recent rulings from the bench in Egypt;

"On Sept. 24, an appeals court defied the statute and awarded custody of 13-year-old twins Andrew and Mario Medhat Ramses Labib to their father. The father divorced his wife to marry another woman and converted to Islam in 1999. He then changed the boys' official religious status and applied for custody in 2006.

"Obviously in this custody decision, it is a flagrant disregard of the Personal Status Law, which ensures custody for the mother until the children are 15 years old," said Hossam Bahgat of the EIPR. "In this case the judiciary chose to ignore statutory law and apply their own interpretation of sharia."

In another case, two sisters, Ashraqat Gohar, 12, and Maria Gohar, 8, were removed from their Christian mother in January. Even though the eldest daughter claims her Muslim father, Wafiq Gohar, is an alcoholic, and he has a criminal history, the girls were placed in his care.

Even when an Egyptian court ordered 3-year-old Barthenia Rezqallah of Tanta to be returned to her Christian mother's custody, police refused to comply. The police fear the child would be raised in a Christian environment rather than an Islamic one."

You see, when it comes to Islam, the law and the rules matter and are enforced only as they support and promote the religion. It is not the welfare of children or women that are a concern in Islam, but rather the spread of Islam. And if it comes to the choice of a childs best interest or Islam, the child loses every time!

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pastor tom