Monday, November 24, 2008


It has been three weeks since the country elected Barak Obama as the new President. A position with more responsibility than any of us could ever imagine. It is also a position that comes with great attention from people of all ages, particularly with this President, who had an extraordinary connection with young people. It is with that understanding that I am puzzled by President-Elect Obama's choice to not attend church somewhere for the last three Sundays. With the world watching and most importantly, the young of the world, Obama has not only not gone to church, but instead has gone to the gym. While there is certainly nothing wrong with going to a gym on Sunday, there does seem to be a disconnect when you can get to the gym but not to church.

Particularly if you campaigned as a man of faith, which Obama did. He states that he has not gone to church due to his not wanting to create unnecessary attention at the church, were he to show up. But he did not have that concern on the campaign trail, when it seemed that he had no problem finding a church to be in on Sunday. And while he could very well begin to attend service in Washington D.C. when he arrives in January, I find it telling that now elected, church does not seem to be a priority.

The young people of our nation will take their cues, for good or ill, from President-Elect Obama. And while I have great trouble with the Black Liberation Theology of the church he attended for decades, and while I certainly do not consider him to be a true follower of Christ, I would hope and pray for the man that in this process he would come to have a true vibrant relationship with Christ Jesus. A relationship whose consequence would be the need to gather with the called out people of God on Sunday and proclaim the Glory due His name!

blog you later,
pastor tom