Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It is interesting to watch the progress of the homosexual movement. They have achieved most of the goals they set forth in their 1972 platform. One of the areas where the most progress has been seen is in the Bible believing church. It is there that you see the progress most vividly, as many who would once call homosexuality a sin, a perversion of Gods design for marriage, now would cringe at such talk. People who once would stand on the Word of God now are taking positions of apathy, lethargy and even the advocating of such behavior. Many professed believers find is distasteful to speak the biblical truth about homosexuality. It has become an achievement of gnostic like status to see homosexuality as something other than sin. Tolerance is the altar that many who name Christ as their Savior, bow to.

Well this past Sunday in Michigan, while service was going on in Mount Hope Church in Lansing Michigan, a group of homosexuals decided to make themselves known. "Bash Back", as they are called, disrupted the service in ways that would once have been unthinkable. From the wires;

"According to a blog posting by Nick De Leeuw on Right Michigan, the Bash Back organization orchestrated a protest in front of Mount Hope Church to draw the church's security staff away from the sanctuary. Then Bash Backers who had dressed up and infiltrated worshippers took action. According to De Leeuw, "Prayer had just finished when men and women stood up in pockets across the congregation, on the main floor and in the balcony.

Jesus was gay,' they shouted among other profanities and blasphemies as they rushed the stage. Some forced their way through rows of women and kids to try to hang a profane banner from the balcony while others began tossing fliers into the air. Two women made their way to the pulpit and began to kiss," he wrote. He cited the Bash Back organization's own announcement of other items members brought into the church, including "a megaphone, noise makers, condoms, glitter by the bucket load, confetti, pink fabric. ..."

Once this sickening demonstration was finished, the pastor led the congregation in prayer for these people, a noble and Christ like act. But make no mistake about it, the climate has changed. The homosexual movement is encouraged by the election of a pro homosexual President. They are encouraged by the lack of courage and resolve in the followers of Christ, and they are now on the offensive in ways we have never seen in our country. Understand this was not some far away country, this was Michigan! The homosexuals have put everyone who oppose their lifestyle on notice, either get on board with their movement or be crushed. Soon they will have the law behind them in this country as it is in Canada.

It will soon be hate speech to speak of homosexuality as a sin, as something that Christ can forgive at Calvary. It will be hate speech worthy of a fine or even imprisonment to speak of homosexuality as a perversion. The lines are clearly being drawn and soon there will be no room for fence sitters or line walkers. You will either stand for God and His Word and His Son, and face the punishment that comes with that stance, or you will deny Christ and His Word, giving in to the pressure of the culture.
Praise God that we will be given this glorious opportunity. It is a privilege to suffer for our Savior. It is an honor to be counted worthy to suffer for the sake of His name. And this is the honor that is coming soon to all who name Jesus Christ as their King. Let us begin to pray now for one another that in that moment we would stand and make the decision that gives God the most glory. Let us begin to pray now for one another that we would not cave in due to our loved ones, or our perceived need to be free or to stay on this earth. Let us pray that we will, in that moment, follow the footsteps of the Apostles, the Prophets and all the courageous men and women who have given their all, literally for the sake of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

blog you later,
pastor tom