Saturday, November 15, 2008


Kandhar Afghanistan is considered to be the Taliban's birthplace. Wednesday at the Mirwais Mena girls' school fifteen girls, both students and teachers were attacked for simply going to school. For having the nerve and audacity to go to school these girls had acid thrown on them. Acid that ripped through their clothing, scarred their faces and left them afraid to go back, terrorized. The interesting thing about this is the UN calling the attack a "hideous crime". I find their reaction disingenuous and hypocritical as they have done nothing to address the reasons for these types of attacks, which is Islam. All over the world there are hideous crimes as they put it, and they more often than not have an Islamic undertone. We see women stoned in Islamic countries, we see them shot in the head, we see them incredibly mistreated on a regular basis, and yet the UN never sees fit to do anything about it. The United Nations has become nothing more than a front for Islam. They find it very easy to criticize and bring the hammer down on Israel, yet they cannot find it within themselves to ever truly deal with Islamic terror around the world.

This is why the United States of America is so critical to our world. With all, or most countries lining up behind the Crescent Moon flag and all the abuses therein, it will be our country that offers hope and freedom, still. It cannot be alright with us that girls are treated this way. That can never sit right with us. While we cannot always do something immediate about it, we can always be the voice of reason and humanity. We can always be the humane answer to inhumane actions. And it has always been the United States that sends the most money, brings in the most workers, and frankly cares the most about people like these poor terrorized girls. It is the genius of our founders and our country. In spite of all our problems we are still the worlds best hope. We are still the place where courage is found when it is lacking everywhere else. We are still that place, at least for now!

blog you later,
pastor tom