Sunday, January 18, 2009


This will be a historic week as the first black President is inaugurated. Regardless of the fact that he is half black and half white, it is still seen as historic, remarkable, and validating for all of those whose lineage is marred by the perversion that is slavery. For those whose ancestors were ripped from their countries, taken captive and stolen away for a land far away by boat, this is history of the kindest and most magnificent sort. But there is also history this week that sadly will be quite tied to this historic President. It is this week that the 36th anniversary of the tragedy known as Roe v. Wade will be observed. It is this week that another year will be marked, which means the remembrance of millions of people who were also ripped from their homeland much like those slaves, and quite unlike the slaves, all of these people were not only ripped away from home, but they were all murdered.

And quite unlike slavery, this practice is still going on, with no end in sight. Which brings me to the tie between both historic observations. This historic President, unfortunately, while vehemently disagreeing with the first form of slavery, is quite in favor of the right of the second. He is the most pro abortion President to ever sit in office, and in fact he has declared that one of the first things he will do as President is to see the Freedom of Choice Act enacted, making abortions easier to obtain and more affordable. The contrast, while stark and troubling, is acceptable even to those who believe in life, displaying the incredible power of a friendly face, a nice smile and the right pigmentation of skin. Yes this will be a historic week. And while millions will celebrate across the nation, millions more will line up to be murdered under the watch, and "power" of this historic President!

blog you later,
pastor tom