Thursday, January 15, 2009


This has to take the cake as far as sad and pitiful. A 22 year old woman is auctioning off her virginity. That is right, she is going to pick someone to give her virginity to, and the person will be someone who bids for this on ebay. The sad truth is that over ten thousand people have bid and there is one bid that is three point seven million dollars for this right. This woman who uses an anonymous name claims she will use the funds to help her graduate education and also her sisters education. Amazingly she claims that this will also help her in the marriage and family therapy career she seeks to have.

The legality of all of this is without question since she is going to do this at the bunny ranch in Nevada where prostitution is legal. Prostitution in the right word as that is what you call it when a woman sells her body. The price does not make it any more of a noble cause. While it certainly is sad, there is another point to be made and that is the high value of virginity in the world. You might not believe that there is high regard for virginity if you follow the media and track young people and their sexual activities. But this shows something much different. It shows that it is highly regarded when someone is a virgin. Sure this is a sick way to have this point made, but I believe the point is made any way. Society does still consider virginity to be of great value. The perceived lack of respect for it, is probably due to so many who have lost that privilege and are jealous of any who still maintain it.

I wonder where the parents are in all of this. I wonder about the fall out, damage, and pain from all of this. But I do not wonder that Gods will and design is for a man and a woman to maintain their virginity until the day they are married. That is His best for His children. So while the world perverts His great design, let those who know Him use times and stories like this to spark conversation about God's design and plan for His creation.

blog you later,
pastor tom