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Friday, February 20, 2009


As President Obama takes the country into a level of socialist Marxism that has never before been seen, there are some practical consequences worth mentioning. First, I believe and predict, given the governments grab of banks and houses, there will be a federal law passed in the not too distant future that will require anyone selling a house to have a government official show up and set the price. As redistribution of wealth takes hold you will see the continued demonizing of business and profit. There will be a government set threshold of what is an acceptable profit to be made on the sale of a house and you will not be able to cross that threshold. While some of you might think that to be impossible, think again. Consider what it is that the government now owns, and ask yourself did you ever believe that could happen?

But a more important and meaningful consequence will be the realization of what Gods Word says about money being true. That is riches and money fly away on the wings of eagles. That you cannot love money and God, and in fact the love of money will lead one to a dead end of disappointment and heartache. I believe that these will be great times for the spreading of the gospel and the growth of Gods Church. As Gods people are immune to the soon coming depression, increasing numbers of people will be attracted to that inoculation and will wonder how it can be so, which will be our chance to share the power of Jesus Christ that is beyond economic conditions. It is as simple as this, when this world is not your home and you are laying up treasures for yourself in Heaven and not this earth, you can live with great joy regardless of the ebb and flow of an economy. When you, like the Apostle Paul have learned the secret of contentment, whether you have much or little, which is doing all things through Christ your strength, you are ready to be the means used by God to bring others to faith in Him.

So, when the government man comes one day to tell you that there is a cap on what you can sell your house for, you can stand before him and declare; " the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord!"

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pastor tom
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Friday, February 13, 2009


There is a PC game in Japan that has been on the market since 2006, and though only to be marketed in Japan, found its way to the British market via Amazon.com. Amazon has decided due to the outcry about the game to not sell it through their company. The game is called "Rapelay" and here are a few descriptions of what players are able to do in the game;

"In Rapelay, gamers direct a character to sexually assault a mother and her two young daughters at an underground station, before raping any of a selection female characters.

Rapelay, encourages players to force the virtual woman they rape to have an abortion. If they are allowed to give birth the woman throws the player's character under a train, according to reviews of the game. It also has a feature allowing several players to team up against individual women."

Just when you believe you cannot be shocked, something like this surfaces. There are no words to describe the depravity of this game and its creators. But it does remind us of the need to be aware of just what our children are doing when they are online. Can you imagine the damage done and the perverted ideology and indoctrination of a young mind that a "game" like this would produce? Mom and Dad, you need to know what is happening online with your kids. While there a number of filtration products for you computers, there is only one that actually monitors in real time what is happening online with your children.

Cybersafe Home is a product that not only allows you to monitor all activity on your child's computers, from screen shots to conversations to the playing of perverted games like this, but it allows you to monitor from anywhere in the world. Once you have downloaded CyberSafe Home monitoring software on your child's computer you can from anywhere in the world go online and see what they are doing within seconds of their actual activity. The stakes have never been higher and the investment never more worth it. Go to www.cybersafehome.com and download this software on your child's computer, your family computer and any other computer used by someone you love and care for.

Rapelay is a sign of the dark and wicked times in which we live. Thank God there is something out there that allows parents to fight back and protect what is most precious, our children!

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pastor tom
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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Two newspaper executives have turned themselves in to be arrested for reprinting an article written by Johann Hari. Hari took issue with the actions of the "prophet" Mohammad in his article. Here is one of his sentences;

"I don't respect the idea that we should follow a 'prophet' who at the age of 53 had sex with a 9-year old girl and ordered the murder of whole villages of Jews because they wouldn't follow him," Hari wrote.

The two newspaper executives were arrested due to complaints from local Muslims. My question is why would they be arrested for reprinting some that is historically been proven to be true? There is no debate about the fact that Mohammad married and had sexual relations with nine year old Aisha. In fact you do not have to search far to find clerics today who will defend the action and call for marriages for girls even younger. So if that is true why arrest these men? Why? Because Islam is a bully religion that seeks to intimidate the world. They seek to convert at the edge of the sword and have brought much of the world to their knees in fear. You only have to look to Europe for proof.

What is needed are people to speak the truth to the bully, stand up to him. Mohammad was a pedophile, what else do you call a fifty three year old man having sex with a nine year old girl? There might be other terms but pedophile fits quite nicely. The problem we have in our world is far too few people willing to speak the truth for fear of their lives. But of all people the followers of Jesus Christ should be the most fearless in speaking the truth. As we know to die is gain, it is the best day of our existence. We have not been duped into believing there are seventy virgins waiting for us after we blow ourselves up. We know the Word of God that reveals to us that God sees it as precious when His children die and go home to be with Him.

So brothers and sisters speak the truth of the Gospel, that there is no other way to God but through Jesus Christ. And do not be afraid to speak the truth about a man as sick and twisted as the "prophet" Mohammad. Maybe there are those following him who are not aware of all of his peculiar activities, which would range from sex with young children to genocide! Maybe there are adherents to Islam who if they knew the truth of their "prophet" would reconsider and exchange their faith from following a false prophet who will lead them to Hell, to receiving Christ as their Savior who will lead them to everlasting life in the New Heaven and the New Earth!

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pastor tom

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


These are interesting times. For many people they have never seen worst economic times, and things are likely to get worse, maybe even catastrophically worse. So the question becomes, how are followers of Christ to react in times like this? I believe it is in these times that the body of Christ can shine. This is the time for the followers of Jesus to give more, not less to their churches. This is the time for the Church to gear up for the many ministry opportunities that recession and even depression will bring. We have seen many years of narcissistic, irresponsible spending and living. We have lived in a culture where people were encouraged and did borrow when they could not pay back.

Now is the time for us to stand out for the glory of God. Let me suggest some ways that we might do that;

1. Speak about owning responsibility. No one is talking about it being the responsibility of the person who received the loans and monies that they now cannot pay back. We should be the ones calling people back to that.

2. Speak of the Sovereignty of God. He is in control and raises up nations and He brings them down for His glory.

3. Speak the Gospel. Things, money, stuff, will all rust and go away, what remains is what matters and that is the souls of men and women. We are born sinners in Adam, we confirm that sin in our deeds and thoughts, and God to demonstrate His love for sinners sent Jesus Christ to the Cross to pay for the sins of all that are His. Share this good news in your conversations with your unbelieving friends, as it is times like these that the Lord will often be opening their ears to hear!

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pastor tom