Friday, February 20, 2009


As President Obama takes the country into a level of socialist Marxism that has never before been seen, there are some practical consequences worth mentioning. First, I believe and predict, given the governments grab of banks and houses, there will be a federal law passed in the not too distant future that will require anyone selling a house to have a government official show up and set the price. As redistribution of wealth takes hold you will see the continued demonizing of business and profit. There will be a government set threshold of what is an acceptable profit to be made on the sale of a house and you will not be able to cross that threshold. While some of you might think that to be impossible, think again. Consider what it is that the government now owns, and ask yourself did you ever believe that could happen?

But a more important and meaningful consequence will be the realization of what Gods Word says about money being true. That is riches and money fly away on the wings of eagles. That you cannot love money and God, and in fact the love of money will lead one to a dead end of disappointment and heartache. I believe that these will be great times for the spreading of the gospel and the growth of Gods Church. As Gods people are immune to the soon coming depression, increasing numbers of people will be attracted to that inoculation and will wonder how it can be so, which will be our chance to share the power of Jesus Christ that is beyond economic conditions. It is as simple as this, when this world is not your home and you are laying up treasures for yourself in Heaven and not this earth, you can live with great joy regardless of the ebb and flow of an economy. When you, like the Apostle Paul have learned the secret of contentment, whether you have much or little, which is doing all things through Christ your strength, you are ready to be the means used by God to bring others to faith in Him.

So, when the government man comes one day to tell you that there is a cap on what you can sell your house for, you can stand before him and declare; " the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord!"

blog you later,
pastor tom
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