Wednesday, February 04, 2009


These are interesting times. For many people they have never seen worst economic times, and things are likely to get worse, maybe even catastrophically worse. So the question becomes, how are followers of Christ to react in times like this? I believe it is in these times that the body of Christ can shine. This is the time for the followers of Jesus to give more, not less to their churches. This is the time for the Church to gear up for the many ministry opportunities that recession and even depression will bring. We have seen many years of narcissistic, irresponsible spending and living. We have lived in a culture where people were encouraged and did borrow when they could not pay back.

Now is the time for us to stand out for the glory of God. Let me suggest some ways that we might do that;

1. Speak about owning responsibility. No one is talking about it being the responsibility of the person who received the loans and monies that they now cannot pay back. We should be the ones calling people back to that.

2. Speak of the Sovereignty of God. He is in control and raises up nations and He brings them down for His glory.

3. Speak the Gospel. Things, money, stuff, will all rust and go away, what remains is what matters and that is the souls of men and women. We are born sinners in Adam, we confirm that sin in our deeds and thoughts, and God to demonstrate His love for sinners sent Jesus Christ to the Cross to pay for the sins of all that are His. Share this good news in your conversations with your unbelieving friends, as it is times like these that the Lord will often be opening their ears to hear!

blog you later,
pastor tom