Friday, March 06, 2009


You have to give President Obama credit for one thing, being true to his convictions. I have said for over a year on my radio show and here at this blog that he is the most liberal, socialist, communistic, pro death candidate we have ever seen. While his socialist economic policies have tanked Wall Street faster than any new President in our history, it his love of death that is worth paying attention to. The economic stuff will only limit him to one term, thank God, but his attack on life will be much harder to correct.

In his first week of office he reversed the Bush policy on foreign abortions known as the Mexico City Policy. That prohibited forcing taxpayers to finance foreign groups that promote or perform abortions in other nations. Now in his second act in this drama of death known as his Presidency, Barak Obama will sign an executive order on Monday that will force taxpayers to fund destructive embryonic stem cell research. Not so amazing or surprising is that President Obama is reversing President Bush's strategy of putting money into Adult Stem Cell research, that is the only research that has proven successful and has been used already to treat people with more than 100 different diseases and medical conditions. Like with his economic policy that is implementing strategy that has never worked, see Japan in the 1990's, Obama is traveling the same dead end road with Embryonic Stem Cell research.

I understand the Presidents attraction to this research, as it is consistent with his record of voting for death and against life. But we need to understand that the next step will be the introduction of the idea of creating embryos simply for research. You see this slippery slope does not stop, not when you have as radical a President as we now have. My hope is simple, it is that Americans who fawn and fall over themselves at the mention or sight of President Obama, will look past the teleprompter charm and look at the mans policies and goals, as when it comes to the issue of life they are evil. His economic policies are simply tried and true, wrong, but his policies on life are down right evil, as he is a proponent of death. The sooner we all understand that the quicker we will be able to say, "former President Obama", and that will mean more babies have the chance to live!

blog you later,
pastor tom (where you can now sign up for pod casts of the radio show)