Thursday, March 26, 2009


It has happened again. In India a 16 year old girl was dragged out of her house by her Islamic Neighbors and burned to death, while her 14 year old sister was locked in her house and listened to her sisters scream for 20 minutes. So here we have another in a long line of attacks on a young girl by hypocritical Muslims who teach and believe you can marry a girl for an hour, a nice way to legitimize having an hour with a hooker. And the world watches in cowardice. Yes there were four arrested but that is not the point. The point is this crazed Sharia Law activity is progressing throughout the world and the world sucks it thumb looking for their binky, while young women are brutally tortured.

The best example of cowardice comes from our own U.S. Senate who last year looked into the tragedy in Somalia where a 13-year-old girl, Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, was stoned in front of an African crowd of 1,000 as "punishment" for being the victim of a gang rape. Aisha, (probably named after the poor 9 year old who was repeatedly molested by the "prophet" Mohammad) was raped and killed for it, and the response from the Senate? A resolution! Yeah those are real helpful! A resolution that failed to even acknowledge the "Islamic supremacist ideology" behind the attack in Somalia, a nation which now is ruled by Islamic Shariah law from border to border!

This type of cowardice rises to the level of complicity in my view. So what should the response be? From those who follow Jesus should come the Gospel to the Muslim community, but there should also be a commitment to defend life. These poor girls are no different from babies in the womb being murdered, and just as helpless. The true followers of Jesus need to act on the truth that to die is gain and be willing to see that Scripture come to reality in their own life, if necessary in defending those that cannot defend themselves. To not do so, is to our eternal shame!

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pastor tom
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