Monday, March 23, 2009


Hello to all and this will be the final update from the Philippines. Today was the Pastors conference and praise God there was an overflow crowd and they ran out of chairs. Amazingly many came back from last year’s conference. Today there were well over 100 churches represented by pastors and leaders. I spoke four sessions as follows;

Session I. Integrity with Doctrine – that the pastors must get their doctrine right and fight for it in their churches.

Session II Integrity with the Order of their churches. This was interesting as it is where I made it clear to the brothers that a woman should not be a pastor, because that is what God says, and the response was fantastic, with pastors asking questions and determining to teach their people this.

Session III Integrity when opposed. This was teaching the men to live a life that stands up against unfair accusation

Session IV Integrity in giving, This was teaching the pastors what to teach their people about giving.

After each session there was a robust question and answer session. Many pastors came up to me asking me what to do in certain situations in their churches. The great news is that I am confident that there are over 100 churches here whose pastors are encouraged and determined to preach right doctrine and to have Gods order in their churches. This is all very humbling to me that God would use me and my family this way. Me by being able to go and my family willing to sacrifice and see me go.

Praise God the leader of the group that invited me asked the pastors who would come back if we did a part 3 to this subject and I believe every pastor said they would come back. So they have asked me to return to do a three-day conference here and out in the provinces where not many people are willing to go and speak to pastors.

Thank you all for your support and prayers, I am really looking forward to getting home to my family.

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