Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hello from the Philippines. Yesterday was an eventful one as we got up at 4:00 am and went to catch the boat that was taking us to the island where the Bible College was that I was to speak at. Once on the Island it was a two-hour very cramped ride on roads that were less than friendly. To say the least it was difficult on my back, but we made it to the College. Once there I spoke to the 25 students from 1 Timothy 1:3-7, encouraging them to stay at the churches God would put them in and fight bad doctrine.

You never know how the Lord is going to work, as when I had finished the President of the College wanted to speak with me, and he proceeded to tell me that the Lord had used the message to encourage him to stay at the college. It seems that his friends and peers were encouraging him to leave as it is not the most glamorous of places, or jobs, for that matter but it is important. I spoke with him for some time and encouraged him in the work he was doing, and pointed out if all of the good godly people leave the hard places, what would happen? And I also pointed out to him that God loves to put His people in hard places. We left him very encouraged and recommitted to the ministry God had called him and his family to, praise God!

We never know how God will use what we do. I was focused on speaking to the students, but it is clear to me that the Lord had us there for this brother. Our job is to show up and be willing to go where He sends and do what He calls us to do. He will do things beyond our wildest imaginations or expectations. I have been asked to come back to the college to teach a week of classes and to also conduct some pastor’s conferences so we will be praying for all of that.

Besides all of this I have already visited three different ministries that Action is involved with here, and I have some short-term opportunities for those interested in building a little church where people now meeting in an apartment could meet. The area is very rough and a great place for a church.

That is all for now, more updates to follow as access to the net exists. Thanks so much for support and interest, as always we could very much use any financial support the Lord would put on your heart to give as currently our personal financial needs are great, but so is our God and we count it a privilege to be able to serve His church and His pastors in this capacity. I pray that you see the importance of that and would join us in this work.

For His Glory,
Tom & Cheryl
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