Saturday, March 21, 2009

update #4 from the Philippines-A divine Appointment!

Today I was with Adam Hussey and we were to go to his youth group, which is about one hour outside of Manila. After going with him to the mall where he received a much-needed haircut we began looking for a cab. Due to my back I need a taxi instead of the other transportation available to travel that far out, as the drivers in Manila do not go out to Antipolo where we had to go. The first driver we asked, Sonny, said yes he would take us.

During the drive he tells us he too is born again, which we praised God for, but it was also clear he was not where he had been when he lived in Canada, where he had just gotten back from. He is a Philippino who had to come back due to health concerns. Well we asked him to stay with us when we got out to where we were going, as it would be impossible for us to get a taxi and I also sensed the need for him to hear the Word of God.

The youth service was wonderful. There were about 25 youth there and they put on a skit for us that brought tears to my eyes. Adam is doing a great work out there and he is seen by them as their youth pastor, they all love him. But I noticed during the singing that our driver Sonny was singing with his eyes closed worshipping.

On the drive home we made small talk and then dropped Adam off, and Sonny and I had another few miles to go. About three to five minutes after we dropped Adam off, Sonny began to weep and confess to me that he was struggling with sin. He confessed that he was no longer active in church like he had been for the two years in Canada. When we got to the Shell station where he was to drop me off. We talked some more, he cried some more; he confessed some more, we prayed some more. He was praising God when I left him and we agreed that we would again see each other in Heaven. I know for sure that Sonny is one reason the Lord brought me here. Pray for him as he battles his flesh and desires to again walk rightly with the Lord!

For His Glory,
Pastor Tom

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