Monday, April 13, 2009


It is obvious and clear to anyone who reads this blog that I disagree with President Obama about everything. I am hard pressed to think of one policy position of his that I could affirm. I say that to say today I am thrilled at how he handled the pirate hostage situation. From his silence during the ordeal which in my mind, was critical, to the orders he gave authorizing the military to use whatever force necessary, whenever they felt it necessary, our President did a masterful job.

I wish I could say the same for some conservative pundits. I was saddened to hear Sean Hannity attempt to criticize the President on his, "taking credit"for the success of the operation. First of all, I heard the Presidents remarks and found nothing in them that would concur with that critique. Secondly, the mission was a success, a resounding success, and the President would be within his rights to take some credit, as without his orders, this does not happen. I believe that those seeking to critique the President on this one, have it all wrong. If we cannot recognize and affirm a job well done, then in my opinion, our criticisms fall on deaf ear, and are without merit.

If you want to criticize the media for never giving President Bush credit for anything, and their fawning over this President, that is fair game and you could do that for years. President Bush could have cured cancer and aids, solved the financial crisis and found life on mars, and he would have received no credit from the liberal media. But criticism of the President on this event is out of line, gratuitous and small minded. What we should be saying if job well done Mr. President. Thank you for having the courage to give the right orders so that the Phillips family does not have to mourn the loss of their dad and husband!

blog you later,
pastor tom
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