Thursday, May 07, 2009


in a telling moment, Hawaii's state Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill Wednesday to celebrate "Islam Day. This is one of the most noteworthy events that has gone under the radar. Many people have no idea what happened this week and the ramifications. For a state in our country to celebrate an official Islam day is more proof that the leaders of this great nation are asleep at the wheel. Not that I expect this administration to voice any opposition to such a move. But I would think that those in the loyal opposition would at least make some noise. I understand that this is a state issue and not a federal one, but I also know that this has federal implications.

Lets face the facts, we were attacked by adherents to Islam. Lets face more facts, the tenets of Islam are clear in their instruction to kill and conquer all who do not bow to the prophet Mohammad. And even clearer facts are that those who follow the "prophet" have made it clear that Israel is the little Satan and America is the great Satan. For any state of our great union to call for an Islam day, is beyond the pale of common sense.

But it has happened and the march of Islam continues. In much the same way the homosexuals invaded the minds and institutions of our country, Islam follows suit. It is already being asked that certain parts of our country adhere to Sharia Law. Point being this is not going to stop on its own. This invasion will not stop unless or until someone stops it. How that happens is any ones guess as there does not seem to be the will or stomach for such action. So the Sharia beat goes on, hide your women and your Bibles, because here comes the followers of the "prophet"!

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pastor tom
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