Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today is an historic on for the state of Massachusetts and for the Obama Presidency. For President Obama he will be able to look back at this day and see that this was the day where health care reform, as he would want it, died. The power grab of one sixth of the economy passed away tonight, some time after nine in the evening, eastern standard time. For Massachusetts it is the day that will be looked on as the one where the consistently democratic Senate seat went Republican. A seat that for decades has had the letter D next to it went to an R and not even a visit from the President himself this past Sunday could save it. Scott Brown accomplished was no one thought possible just a few short months ago when his opponent Atty. General Martha Coakley held a lead of upwards to thirty five percent, depending upon which polls you followed. Her lead was so insurmountable that the networks and polling agencies decided not to set up for any exit polling!

But the impossible happened, and there is only one explanation and that is God! I believe God is the one who decides every election and His Word tells us that He is the one who puts leaders in their positions and He is the one who raised up one nation and tears down another. Occasionally though we have an event that reminds of the truth that God is in control of all, and this was one such event. If anyone had said a year ago that the only way the stop President Obama's power grab would be that a Republican would win Ted Kennedy's seat in a special election in the middle of January 2010, everyone would have said you are out of your mind! But this is exactly what happened. Consider the sequence of events;

Ted Kennedy passes away
The special election is set for January 19th
Martha Coakley the State Attorney General wins the Democratic primary handily over some formidable opposition
Scott Brown a State Senator from Wrentham, one of five Republicans in the Senate runs unopposed for his parties nomination
As late as September Coakley is polling thirty five points ahead of Brown

Jan 19th, Brown wins 52%-47%

Every now and then something happens that reminds us our Father is in control of all things and working all things out for His glory and the good of His people. A beautiful sunset, the birth of a child, a catastrophic earthquake, an impossible election result. All pointing to the God of the universe who through the prophet Isaiah, tells us that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, in fact the difference and contrast is as far as the heavens are above the earth. So, ours is not to try to figure Him out, but rather to in everything give thanks for this is the will of our Father in Heaven. To God be the glory!

blog you later,
pastor tom