Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Annise Parker,the newly-elected mayor of Houston was sworn in Monday. She is a lesbian and took the oath with her hand on the Bible and her lesbian partner in attendance. It is noteworthy that an openly lesbian ran for such an office and won in a city like Houston. The more noteworthy event, in my mind, was the invocation, as that was given by none other than Joel Osteen. Osteen who leads Lakewood church which has an attendance of over forty thousand, prayed for and thanked God for this mayor.

This should not surprise people, as this is the same man who on Larry King denied the gospel, saying that he was not comfortable declaring that Jesus was the only way to Heaven and any other way led to Hell. He "just did not want to say that Larry"! This is the same man who refuses to speak of such things as sin and Hell, as his is another in a long line of positive thinking heretics.

So how ought we to look at Osteen leading the invocation for the lesbian mayor? Simply as a man who denies the gospel, preaches a heretical message, being consistent in his heresy. The truly sad thing about all of this are all of those who attend his church believing he is a true pastor. The truth is that Joel Osteen is as lost as anyone could be, but far more dangerous. As with his nice smile, white teeth and easy going demeanor, he, with all of his nice stories, little quips and positive thoughts is leading people straight to Hell with another gospel. And God gives us clear direction about one who comes preaching or teaching another gospel. He tells us in Galatians chapter that the false teacher is to be accursed! And that is the place Mr. Osteen stands in the eyes of almighty God, and ought to stand in every true follower of Christ's eyes.

blog you later,
pastor tom