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Sunday, July 25, 2010


It has happened, that is right Ted Haggard is back in the pulpit. He has a church once again, which means he has a pulpit once again, and that means he has a voice once again. It was a short four years ago that the once powerful Haggard was forced to resign due to his admitted use of methamphetamine with a known homosexual masseuse, along with admitted sexual activity. Haggard at the time was willing to be counseled and submit himself to a group of spiritually mature men. That lasted a short time and of course Haggard decided he did not need that group any longer and was going to pursue his own course of action.

It was obvious to anyone paying attention that this was the goal, having another church. And while his former church and counselors did not recommend this course of action, Haggard believed and believed to this day he knows better. It is sad to see how quickly a man can go from seeming repentance to the self serving attitude that led him down the path of destruction in the first place. But here we are, and the following are some quotes from "Pastor Haggard";

"Tiger Woods needs to golf. Michael Vick needs to be playing football,Ted Haggard needs to be leading a church."

"I over-repented,"

"I cuss now," he said proudly.

He likens himself to Tiger Woods and Michael Vick, he believed he "over repented", and is proud to say that he cusses now from the pulpit, using the word "Hell", but not in a context of quoting Scripture. What we have is an example of a man overly impressed with himself and way too under impressed with the pulpit of God! Haggard has no respect for Gods church, or Gods pulpit. For him it is a right not a privilege, it is owed him, and if you do not believe that just ask him and he will tell you.

The return of Ted Haggard is a sign of how weak the evangelical church in America has become. The fact that in two months he has two hundred people showing up to place themselves under his authority, is a display of frightening theological ineptness. Another example of people sacrificing Scriptural integrity at the altar of pastoral celebrity. And that is always a tragic exchange!

blog you later,
Pastor Tom