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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Glenn Beck had his rally this past weekend and it is the talk of the country. Some are talking about attendance, if there were a million people there or not, others are talking about the content of the event and how "spiritual" it was. Even secular liberal newspapers (redundant?) are talking about how "spiritual" it was. To be clear, I have no problem with Beck or anyone else having an event and promoting any belief system they want, as it is a freedom and right of living in this country to do so. My problem is with all of the professed believers in Jesus Christ who spoke, attended and supported this event.

Regardless of how right what was coming from the podium sounded, to be sure this event was coordinated and led by a devout Mormon! Which means that the God he speaks of is a different God than the God of the Bible, the Jesus he speaks of is a different Jesus, and the salvation a different salvation. It takes only a very casual glance at Mormon doctrine to see that they believe Jesus is not divine, but rather a brother of Satan, salvation is universal with people ending up in one of three heavenly places. And the ultimate is that as the best Mormon you can be God yourself, as they believe can really happen if all the proper steps are followed.

How is it that so many can be so deceived into supporting a Mormon led spiritual event? How is it that people can support an event where the leader believed and preaches a different gospel? Well these are the question for all of us to consider, as to be sure Glenn Beck, the Mormon is now being labeled as the "leader of the Christian movement in America". The great danger is that your children and grandchildren will hear and see how all these so called Christians are embracing Beck, and they too might embrace Beck, and his beliefs!

Trust me, the next thing you will hear is that Mormons are Christians. Glenn Beck's event this past weekend is a great example of the Biblical illiteracy and lack of wisdom in those who profess to be Christ's. Can the elect actually be deceived? We might find the answer right before our own eyes!

blog you later,
pastor tom