Engaging Your World

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Is Donald Trump running for President? I believe the answer to that question is yes, but what is more fascinating is why is he resonating with so many people? Why is he near or at the top of polls for the Republican nomination? The answer to these questions while simple, are telling. Donald Trump is leading polls because he is Reaganesque in his conversation with the American people. One of the great strengths of Reagan was he connected with the common man. Calling Russia the evil empire was unprecedented and a major shot across the bow, that the American people loved to hear. Trump is doing the exact same thing in his description of China. When he speaks of China as not being our friend or out for our best interests, and indicates that he would tax their imports twenty five percent immediately, the American people say yes, that makes sense. They resonate with him the way they did with Reagan. When he speaks of going to Libya militarily and receiving oil as a payment for services rendered, the American people say yes.

Regardless of the viability of the positions he takes, Donald Trump is saying things that the American public is thinking and looking for someone to voice for them. Do not overlook this man. He is a business genius who knows the art of the deal, and generally wins at most endeavors he undertakes. Ascending to the Presidency very well might be the next deal he looks to close. And I for one would not bet against him!

blog you later,
pastor tom