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Thursday, August 11, 2011


National Institutes of Health (NIH) director Francis Collins, John Schneider who taught theology at Calvin College, and a host of other professed believers are postulating the theory that Adam and Eve were not real and in fact not necessary to believe for a true follower of Christ. This goes along with all who seek to reconcile evolution and creation, without, in my opinion, offending anyone on the side of the theory. So the question is to be asked, "does it matter of Adam and Eve were real, or can it be as Schneider would have you believe that there was no such paradise to be lost, as in his view evolution gives evidence of. You have to wonder where this ends? Once you do not need literal interpretation of things to be interpreted literal you have put truth into the hands of subjective sinful man, a dangerous place for truth to reside.

No Adam? What then of Jesus who is called the Second Adam come to undo the eternal consequence placed on all that are His by the first Adam. If the first Adam is fictitious why not the second? And here is the rub for all these so called intellectuals, as the Second Adam was seen and recorded by many. His reality of being on this earth is not refuted by any who will be intellectually honest. And His reality is only more proof of the existence of the first, although more proof is not needed if you truly believe in Gods Word.

The existence of the first Adam is a necessitated component of the glory of the Son in His redemption of His people as designed by His Father and implemented through His Spirit. You eliminate Adam you eliminate the rest. What true believer in Christ would ever want to even begin to go down that road? A great question that needs to be answered!

blog you later,
pastor tom